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Mozeo Dashboard Tips

If you're a Mozeo customer, you've used our dashboard to achieve texting success. But you may not know these great tips and tricks to make your experience even better.

Real-Time Messaging

Did you know our inbox is in real-time? When someone messages you back, it shows up right in your inbox with no refresh or interaction required. You can also be alerted via text, email, or a sound when a new message arrives. Lastly, remember that you can always get to your inbox by hitting the icon at the top. We'll also include a badge when you have a new message.

Multiple Channels

The Mozeo inbox can show text messages and live chats simultaneously. If you install our messenger on your website and have our live chat services, you can do both texting and live chat from one simple place. Read more on multichannel messaging here and see how it can play into your current communications strategy. 


The essential areas of your dashboard can be found by clicking one of the links on your main dashboard page. Doing so gives you fast access to work on what needs to be done. 


Since you're using an actual working number, you can allow people to call you and even leave you a voicemail. Plus, you can record your own message. All voicemails are found in your voice messaging report. There is also a new link for this in the left-hand navigation.

Google Calendar

With our appointment feature, you can sync your Google calendar and allow people to book time with you from your website or via an event link, and we'll check it against your calendar. When they book, we'll also add it to your calendar automatically.

Inbox autoresponder

If you're going to be away from your inbox but don't want people to think you're not responding, use our inbox autoresponder. This is found in your left-hand navigation under autoresponder. This allows you to send back a message if someone texts you. Plus, you have complete control to turn this on and off as needed. 

Keywords in a broadcast

If you ever need people to respond to a message you sent, have them respond with a keyword or two. For example, you could add YES and NO as keywords and have people RSVP for an event. Then, you can set a custom autoresponse for each keyword. Another example is having them reply with a keyword to get more information.